A Palynological Assessment of Honey Samples from Delta State, Nigeria
Professor Olugbenga E. Ige, Obasanmi, O. O.

This study presents the pollen contents of twenty-five honey samples collected from five different locations in Delta state, Nigeria vis: Koko, Abbi, Obiaruku, Warri town and Asaba. The samples were found to contain seventy four pollen types of which seventy two belonging to twenty eight families were identified. The dominant pollen types found include Combretaceae/Melastomataceae, Diospyros sp, Lennae sp, Elaeis guineenses, Rubiaceae, Syzigivm sp. Myrtaceae, Sterculiaceae and Hymenocardia acida. These plants are characteristic of the Freshwater Swamp Forest vegetation typical of the Niger Delta area of Nigeria. The pollen spectra indicated the various plants visited by Honey bees and the sources of nectar used in the production of honey. The high pollen types, concentration and diversity showed that the samples were of botanical origin, and ascertained the geographical source of the Honey samples.

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