Tetraploid Lolium Perenne genotypes Identified in Danish Semi-Natural Habitats
Christian Damgaard, Vibeke Simonsen, Jesper Givskov Sørensen, Thomas Didion, Marianne Bruus

The ploidy of perennial ryegrass, Lolium perenne, was studied in order to assess the potential of tetraploidity as a means of preventing transgenes from spreading to natural populations.In contradiction to earlier observations, we found that tetraploid L. perenne genotypes was present in a semi-natural habitat in non-trivial proportions. Consequently, we conclude that tetraploidy will not prevent GM traits from spreading to natural rye grass populations by either an invasion or an introgression pathway.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/aijb.v2n3-4a2