"Growth Factors Release on P-PRP Activated with Thrombin Assessment Assay"
Carrasco Luna, Joaquín; Bonete, Daniel; Silvestre, Antonio; Gomar, Francisco

The development of platelet concentrates has generated great expectations in bone surgery. These compounds provides autologous growth factors for tissue healing and regeneration, but disparity of methods hinders the patterns of use. The objective of our study is proposing a standard model for Platelet Rich Plasma preparation, involving growth factors release. Sheep peripheral blood were obtained with anticoagulant citrate dextrose 50 N (Citra), three different speed centrifugation methods and plasma activation (1000 units of thrombin and 10% CaCl2 per ml were performed. The release of growth factors were determined by ELISA (R & D systems). The higher platelets concentration was obtained with two centrifugations, first 500 g 10 min, followed by 1900g for 8 min. After activation clotting immediate release of growth factors by platelet degranulation were achieved. The PDGF increased more than 1.9 fold till 537.9 pg/ml and TGF-β1 increases almost 8 times till 7150 pgr/ml in 180 min. Our standard method proposed, triggers the release of growth factors, immediately after activation with a dose-response relationship between platelets and growth factors. This means that the PRP prepared in our experimental conditions is really a plasma rich in growth factors ready for clinical use.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/aijb.v3n1a3