The Soil Seed Banks of Arable Land in Khartoum State, Sudan
Magda Ishag Mohammed, Dafaalla Ali Ibrahim, Somaya Khidir Ali

Scientific examination of the density and types of plants germinated in the soil seed bank received more attention recently because it provided basic information about the standing and past flora and changes in their distribution. The soil data were collected from the fallow sites in four cultivated localities in Khartoum. Numbers of emergent seedling per one meter square were counted from the soil borne seeds using top soil sample. 60 plant species belonging to 17 families were found in the seed bank, there were considerable differences in number of total germinable seeds in each in the 40 trays at greenhouse germination over a 7-months period. The species from which numerous germinable classified into annuals, perennial, grasses and broad leaved herbs. Three sites were increase in annual dicots. Density value are highest in site 1 and site 2, in site 3 the relative abundance shows small deviation. In case of site 4 the drop in densities relate to least favorable conditions. These differences relate to their geographical position in the vicinity of the Nile. For perennial species density, it follows that: site1 is the most suitable when compared with the other three sites.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/aijb.v3n1a4