Evolution of Biodiversity Conservation and Impacts of Laws on the Conservation of African Elephants in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
Diodio Sorue Achille, Rong Ke; Dudu Akaibe Benjamin; Ayaya Magwamboa Idriss

The evolution of biodiversity conservation and the impact of the laws for the conservation of the Congolese's elephants is a study conducted to understand how the elephants of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC)are protected and what are the risks associated with its conservation.Some protected areas regularly make inventories´╝îthe proof is the availability of the results of the inventories carried out in its protected areas. While we also have certain protected areas which, through the troubles and permanence of armed groups within these protected areas, weakens and discourages that these protected areas have to finance for the work of inventories even if they, of course, contain the elephants.In the DRC it is difficult to strictly respect the nature conservation, although under national law, it is easy to find everywhere workshops for the processing and sale of ivory are visible in the sight and knowledge of everyone evens the large ivory market of Kinshasa works without worry of the urban authorities. Weakness of the Congolese State promotes impunity by ignoring the strict applications of conservation laws, but also the weakness of state power by ensuring no security in the protected areas of the country which facilitates the worsening of Poaching.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/aijb.v6n1a3